This chart shows the average performance loss, implied by the importance ratings, that Managers in a survey gave to specific breakdowns in the planning and execution process.

Following is a list of our 20 Business Improvement Audits:

  1. Financial Management and Control
  2. Customer Service and Customer Engagement
  3. Information Technology and Digital Disruptions
  4. Stock Reduction and Control
  5. Debtor Reduction and Control
  6. New Product Research and Development
  7. Work Health and Safety – AS/NZ 4801
  8. Operations Management
  9. Personnel and Human Resource Management
  10. Purchasing and Supply Management
  11. Repairs and Maintenance Benchmarking
  12. Sales Increase and Target Market Development
  13. Strategic Planning and Development
  14. Total Quality Management and Quality Control
  15. Expense Reduction and Control
  16. Business Risk Management and Fraud Reduction
  17. Training Needs and Gap Analysis
  18. Carbon Reduction and Environmental Management Standard – ISO14001
  19. Quality Standard – ISO9001
  20. Corporate Governance and Board Practices

“Top-down questioning equals bottom-up learning and it is knowing the questions to ask that make the difference”

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