Continuous Business Improvement Solutions

Who do you run your business for?

  • Shareholders?
  • Employees?
  • Customers?

Many business owners do not realise that how they manage their business should reflect who they run their business for.

At Coaching First Australia, we know the models and strategies required to do this. We use seven strategies:

  1. Who is your primary customer?
  2. How do your core values prioritise shareholders, employees and customers
  3. What critical performance variables are you tracking?
  4. What strategic boundaries have you set?
  5. How are you generating creative tensions?
  6. How committed are your employees at helping each other?
  7. What strategic uncertainties keep you awake at night?

Our core clients are those businesses with over $3 million in annual turnover, employing at least 15 people. Our current client’s turnover ranges from $3 million to $90 million; they all have the same seven major issues only the numbers are bigger.

The recommendations we make to our clients are those we would implement if we owned the company.

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