The 15 questions every Board member needs to ask:

  • Is our Board composition right for the challenge?
  • Are we addressing the risks that could send our company over the cliff?
  • Are we prepared to do our job well when a crisis erupts?
  • Are we well prepared to name our next CEO?
  • Does our Board really own the company’s strategy?
  • How can we get the information we need to govern well?
  • How can our Board get CEO remuneration right?
  • Ehy do we need a lead Director anyway?
  • Is our governance committee best it can be?
  • How do we get the most value out of our limited time?
  • How can executive sessions help the Board own up?
  • How can our Board self-evaluation improve our functioning and our output?
  • How do we stop from micro-managing?
  • How prepared are we to work with activist shareholders and their proxies?

Boards have to take the lead when an emergency arises; to keep people informed, steady people’s nerves and help management sort through the options for action. As a qualified Company Director for over 16 years, Derrick is available as an independent Executive Director, a role he performs for a few companies. He has also worked as an interim Chairman, Director and General Manager on a number of assignments.

“What strategic issues are keeping your Board members awake at night?”

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