Continuous Business Improvement Solutions

Profitable growth is our business but what makes for good growth? It is profitability, organisation, differentiation, sustainability and targeted. There are only five ways to grow your business.

  • Existing products into existing markets.
  • Existing products into new markets.
  • New products into new markets.
  • New products into existing markets.
  • Diversification

At Coaching First Australia, we know there are twenty possible marketing strategies to grow your business.

  1. Change product performance.
  2. Change quality or features of product.
  3. Change advertising – use website.
  4. Change promotion – use website.
  5. Review pricing and margins on a product/industry target market.
  6. Change delivery arrangements.
  7. Change distribution channels.
  8. Improve service levels.
  9. Improve production efficiency.
  10. Improve marketing efficiency.
  11. Improve administrative procedures.
  12. Change the degree of forward integration.
  13. Change the degree of backward integration.
  14. Rationalise product range.
  15. Withdraw from selected markets.
  16. Standardise design.
  17. Specialise in certain products/markets.
  18. Review sourcing.
  19. Buy into new markets.
  20. Acquire new/different facilities.

Two ways – low cost or differentiation; which one is the key?

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