Continuous Business Improvement Solutions

Business improvement is all about asking the right questions:

Can you position your business by finding the central idea that meets customer demands and makes money?

  • Are you able to pinpoint external change by detecting patterns ahead of others and put your business on the offensive?
  • Do you know how to lead the social system of your business by getting the right people together with the right behaviours to make better and faster decisions to achieve business results?
  • Can you judge people by finding their best talents based on facts and observations and match them with a job?
  • Are you moulding a team by getting highly competent leaders to submerge their egos and integrate seamlessly?
  • Do you know how to develop goals by balancing what the business can become with what it can realistically achieve, not merely looking in the rear-mirror and making incremental adjustments to what has been done before?
  • Can you set laser-sharp priorities by defining the specific tasks that align resources, actions and energy to accomplish the goals?
  • Can you deal with forces beyond the market by creatively and positively responding to the pressures you don’t control but that significantly impact your business?

We have the know-how to answer these questions, and others, which will help you improve your business and achieve results for future growth and profitability.

Researching the Future

At Future Market Trends Pty Ltd we know that industry intelligence is more than assembling facts; it combines data analysis and insights. We do this by asking five very important questions about your business.

  • WHAT is your mission?
  • WHO is your customer?
  • WHAT does your customer value?
  • WHAT are your results?
  • WHAT is your plan?

We use industry reports, and other information, to assess your competitiveness and prospects by benchmarking your company against six industry costs – profit, rent, utilities, depreciation, wages and purchases. We then target key personnel within your industry to strengthen your financial analysis and help you make profit maximising decisions based on our research.

“Only four things generate profit – innovation, target marketing, cost reduction and continuous business improvement”

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